Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rock It Like You Mean It: Kick it Into Gear (No More Neutral)

Rock It Like You Mean It is going to be a new feature on My Dead Best Friend's Closet. I've been obsessed by fashion blogs of late. Not the corporate-sponsored "Wear our clothes!" kind, but real women that have budgets and non-standard figures and office dress-codes. Sal over at did a Summer Blackout that sounded fantastic, but...I was so busy this summer. Just trying to keep my head above water & make sure I had enough crafts to keep the kids busy.
I realized how sartorially lazy I've become. It is so easy to have a black/brown/denim bottom & just toss on a bright top. I love color & have lots of colorful bottoms in my closet, but they are "too hard to wear". So this week, I made myself a challenge- No black, brown or denim. I would wear COLOR every day. I discovered pieces that I haven't worn in years. It was the ultimate "Shop Your Closet" event. New clothes for no money.
I was complimented every day, by people who knew about my challenge & by people that just thought I looked nice. Whether it was the accessibly-colorful wardrobe, my current attempt to be more approachable or just that I have a super-lovey group of students this year...I was hugged EVERY DAY. I don't mean a quick squeeze in passing. Sometimes I was down-right mobbed. Class had to stop for the hugs.
I tried to not repeat articles of clothing or major accessories throughout the challenge. The effort of planning, ironing, and accessorizing made me feel like I'd put effort into a good start for my day. I felt more on-the-ball at work. I encourage the rest of you ladies to take a serious look at your closet. Don't always make the safe choices. You may discover that the Crayola Box is just as much fun now that you are a grown-up.