Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rock It Like You Mean It: Kick it Into Gear (No More Neutral)

Rock It Like You Mean It is going to be a new feature on My Dead Best Friend's Closet. I've been obsessed by fashion blogs of late. Not the corporate-sponsored "Wear our clothes!" kind, but real women that have budgets and non-standard figures and office dress-codes. Sal over at did a Summer Blackout that sounded fantastic, but...I was so busy this summer. Just trying to keep my head above water & make sure I had enough crafts to keep the kids busy.
I realized how sartorially lazy I've become. It is so easy to have a black/brown/denim bottom & just toss on a bright top. I love color & have lots of colorful bottoms in my closet, but they are "too hard to wear". So this week, I made myself a challenge- No black, brown or denim. I would wear COLOR every day. I discovered pieces that I haven't worn in years. It was the ultimate "Shop Your Closet" event. New clothes for no money.
I was complimented every day, by people who knew about my challenge & by people that just thought I looked nice. Whether it was the accessibly-colorful wardrobe, my current attempt to be more approachable or just that I have a super-lovey group of students this year...I was hugged EVERY DAY. I don't mean a quick squeeze in passing. Sometimes I was down-right mobbed. Class had to stop for the hugs.
I tried to not repeat articles of clothing or major accessories throughout the challenge. The effort of planning, ironing, and accessorizing made me feel like I'd put effort into a good start for my day. I felt more on-the-ball at work. I encourage the rest of you ladies to take a serious look at your closet. Don't always make the safe choices. You may discover that the Crayola Box is just as much fun now that you are a grown-up.


  1. the purple pants and teal top and the olive green pants and fuschia top are my favorites out of this. when are you going to come over and "what not to wear" my wardrobe?

  2. Want to make a date for one night this week? I really do want to get my hands on your clothes.